And so it begins…

Well, it’s official, we are now full steam ahead on a journey which will see our little family relocate to Tembagapura, West Papua. Following a long, arduous process of recruitment, John has finally been notified of his deployment date to the PTFI Freeport Indonesia Grasberg Mine. He will be departing Australia on 10 November to start work as one of their Operations Managers.


Shortly thereafter, I will travel up there solo to conduct my site visit, find out where we will be living and to see for myself, this little piece of green on the top of a mountain in the midst of the West Papuan jungle that we are soon to call home.

I will then return back to Australia to pack up the house, gather up the kidlets and bid farewell to our friends and family before taking two plane rides and one helicopter flight to kick-start our adventure in a little place called Tembagapura…wish me luck!

Oh and here’s a snap from our pre-departure family photo session in one of our lovely local gardens, let’s consider it a ‘before’ shot shall we?


Sampai Jumpa
(See you later)

4 Comments on “And so it begins…

  1. Hi Kylie,

    Have you made it to sunny Tembagapura yet. We have been considering a move to the area but would love some information on how it looks before trekking all the way there. I have my wife, 3yo and a new born (6months) that would come to live there as well. It would be all happening in the new year, but I really need to find out more before committing.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Craig!

      We haven’t made it there yet, but we are close! John starts work up there on 10 Nov and I am going up for a site visit on 20 Nov, after which I should know a lot more about what we are getting ourselves into…

      When I return, I’ll post some more info on this blog about the area, living conditions, facilities and day to day life on the top of a mountain in the middle of the jungle!

      In the meantime, I have made contact with some great expat ladies who currently call Tembagapura home and am following their blogs with interest:

      Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions along the way –



  2. Hi Kylie, I found your blog! After your experience today, it’s official; welcome to the adventure!! It was nice meeting you. Enjoy the rest of your site visit and I’ll see you, again, in January.


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